Our Solutions

At a time of unprecedented change, organisations require a holistic talent strategy to outpace disruption and adapt to changing business requirements. SHL’s talent solutions equip you to make unbiased, data-driven people decisions throughout the employee lifecycle, helping you anticipate change, adapt quickly and maximize opportunities.

Talent Acquisition

Volume Hiring Solution

We are in an era of candidate empowerment and digital transformation; therefore, it is crucial to ensure real-time outcomes through candidates fit, readiness, and potential for a role. Our solutions equip you with a cutting-edge approach in which you are fair, objective, and consistent when making short-listing and selection decisions.


Graduate Solution

Applying for a graduate role can be challenging for both candidates and recruiters. Together we can create a positive experience by engaging them in your brand, culture, and values. This approach consists of an engage-learn-grow journey providing them with meaningful interactions with your employees and leaders, while allowing them to explore the role with real-life scenarios and demonstrate the fit for the job.


Managerial Solution

According to our research 65% of employees report to be rather unsatisfied with their managers. Adding today’s hyper-competitive work environment too, leads to a necessity to be aware of several facts. Good individual contributors do not automatically make good managers. Organisations need to identify those managers externally who have the potential to build employee engagement to increase productivity, as well as developing internal employees with the potential to move into management roles.


Technology Hiring Solution

We now provide you with the opportunity to discover fit with SHL’s unrivaled portfolio of predictive assessment content. With Coding Simulations, candidates can solve real problems in more than 50 languages. By using our AI solutions, you enable candidates to showcase their unique capabilities. 


Talent Management

Leader Assessment & Development Solution

Today we witness the demands of leadership roles becoming more challenging with constant expectations to meet business objectives. It’s no surprise leaders have a crucial responsibility when making decisions considering how that may reflect on peoples’ lives and business overall. You can make a well-informed decision when deciding on the high potential for more senior and leadership roles, so your future leaders can make great people and business decisions later.  We can help you identify which leaders are a good fit for specific business situations and how their development can be accelerated to achieve fast-moving business strategies.


High Potential Identification & Development

It is well known how tricky it can be to distinguish high performance from high potential. Identifying senior leaders and executives is not an easy job. However, it is well rewarded when done successfully. Most HIPO program participants are selected based on past performance plus subjective manager evaluations and narrow internal benchmarks. In today’s business environment, business leaders need to evaluate potential more consistently and objectively for a more sustainable opportunity to leverage internal leadership talent. You can help with it.


Succession Planning

According to our research only 13% of organisations believe they have a strong leadership bench, 28% of leadership roles are currently filled by successors and 58% of organisations do not currently use objective assessments for succession planning. It has always been important to have a standardised approach when identifying and developing employees. Today it is forward thinkers who do not wait for another global crisis to realise it, but rather plan their talent pool in advance.


Workforce Review

Remaining competitive forces leaders to think hard about their business strategy in relation to external factors and demands. In line with that, the change in direction always begins with desired outcomes and therefore requires the workforce to act accordingly. As changes in strategic direction become more frequent, less predictable, and increasingly digital, it is essential to define the talent requirements for their future state and review whether the current talent pool matches the desired expectations. Leaders know it is even more beneficial to ensure employees understand that the competencies and expectations from them have changed as a result of a new business model.


Virtual Solutions

Remote WorkQ

Having empathy for people and taking care of their mental health in a remote setting results in real action steps taken to ensure employees develop in the right direction which reflects in business outcomes as well. SHL’s RemoteWorkQ insight enables your people to work productively from remote locations, helps you ensure their well-being, and prepares your business to function at its best in this new reality.


Virtual Assessment & Development Center

This is a game-changer: a greener, virtual solution to the challenge of finding the talent that might one day lead your business. If you are already SHL A/DC certified, you will find this advanced solution even more interesting. If not, refer to our certification training or use the platform to run your own AC.


Video Interview

Our Video Interview is an Artifical (AI) – scored online video assessment tool.

It assesses more candidates in less time, and reduce the speed of hire by 80%. Get accurate interview analytics and provide an engaging experience for candidates. Enable collaboration among multiple interviewers and share the copy of the recorded interview with multiple panelists for evaluation.


Live Interview

SHL Live Video interviews are a new, engaging and convenient way of conducting face-to-face interviews remotely. Deliver a live interview experience for your candidate in real-time from the comfort of your desk or on-the-go and get deeper insight into fit for your organisation. You are able to review and rate candidates using scientifically proven processes and collaborate with other evaluators by inviting them on-the-fly and sharing interview recordings.


Coding Interview

SHL Coding Interview is more than just an online coding test, it is an AI-powered online coding interview for hiring. Allow candidates to code in a collaborative environment and inspect collaboratively. Use the solution to schedule programming challenges with multiple candidates working together to solve a problem and multiple evaluators to assess the candidates in parallel.


SHL Differentiators

We have a team of leading industry experts

The tests at SHL are developed by experienced O/B psychologists and scientists. We use more than 45 billion data points and advanced assessment science to create our products.

We use scientifically proven methods

Instead of relying on intuition, the developers test our products scientifically, therefore we have proven predictors of performance and fit-to-role.

40 years of proven practice

We have been developing, testing and improving our assessments continually over many years which makes us a creditable partner in this industry.

Our products are bespoke

We work directly with employers to create programmes that help them in specific areas of improvement.

We have developed advanced software and technology

Our technology integrates with clients’ existing platforms. This reduces set-up costs and provides a better candidate experience.

Consistent value in test usage

30 million tests are done in 150 countries every year.

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